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Imagine that you have an increased risk of developing a certain condition based on your genes. Now imagine that there is something you can do to reduce the risk of this condition. Wouldn’t it be great to have access to this information so you can use it to benefit your health?

Thanks to the iGene HEALTH DNA test you can now take targeted action. Based on your genetic predisposition and a personal list of priorities, you can see which lifestyle changes will deliver the greatest health benefits for you. Good intentions no longer need to be based on the latest health trends. You can make decisions based on your own DNA!


"Insight into your own genetic predisposition to various conditions"

Which diseases do you have an increased or reduced risk of developing, genetically speaking? You only receive information about conditions for which knowing something about your own predisposition is useful, from the point of view of prevention. For example, because you can do something yourself to prevent these diseases by making changes to your lifestyle or by being alert in terms of early detection.


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Lifestyle advice

"Take control of your health"

Does it appear that you have a genetic predisposition to a certain condition? If so, you will receive targeted information relating to prevention. You will see immediately where you can achieve the greatest benefits, enabling you to prioritise easily. 


Drug sensitivity

"The right drugs in the right dose more quickly" 

An overview of your genetic sensitivity to a large number of commonly used drugs. A doctor or pharmacist can use this information to determine which drug suits you best, and therefore arrive at the correct dose more quickly, meaning that medication errors and unnecessary side effects can be prevented. 


Pharmacological profile

"Information on your enzyme activity"

Extensive information on various enzymes that have an impact on the activity and effect of different drugs, based on an overview of your personal enzyme activity. You can share this profile easily with your doctor or pharmacist.




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