Genetic predisposition to haemochromatosis (iron overload)

A whole host of personal traits are determined in part by your DNA. One of these is a potentially abnormal iron metabolism. There are certain DNA variations that increase the risk of haemochromatosis, making it more likely that you will develop an iron overload. Haemochromatosis is caused by too much iron being absorbed from your diet, while the body has no mechanism to get rid of this surplus. The excess iron is stored in your organs (in particular the liver) and joints. It builds up slowly and usually goes unnoticed, but over time leads to organs and joints being damaged. 

Haemochromatosis and heredity

To date a number of genes have been proven to play a role in the process that regulates the absorption of iron. Mutations in these genes can disrupt this process and increase the risk of haemochromatosis. We currently know that mutations in the HFE gene are the main cause of this condition. On the basis of your DNA it is therefore possible to predict your personal predisposition to haemochromatosis.

Check your genetic predisposition to haemochromatosis

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