How does the iGene DNA test work?

DNA analyse

The iGene Passport gives you an insight into your genes and offers reliable lifestyle advice based on your DNA profile.

Are you interested in having your DNA analysed? The process is very simple. You order the iGene DNA test of your choice. We analyse your DNA in a university medical genetics research laboratory. And, after approximately 6 to 8 weeks, your iGene Passport is ready. You can consult it using the iGene app or download it as a pdf report.

Ordering the iGene DNA test



Select the package of your choice on the ‘dna-test’ page and click ‘order’.


The iGene DNA test will be delivered to your home as quickly as possible. It includes a tube for a saliva sample, together with instructions on how to collect your saliva sample.



Download the app. This generates a unique code, which you should stick onto the tube. Then send your saliva sample to the laboratory free of charge.



Your DNA will first be analysed by an independent research laboratory, before being analysed and processed by iGene to produce the iGene Passport. To ensure this whole process is performed meticulously, it may take between 6 and 8 weeks from start to finish.


You will be sent a message on your smartphone via the app when your iGene Passport is ready.

Consult the app to gain an insight into your DNA and find out information that may be beneficial to you.


The app

Sections of the iGene App


"Insight into your own genetic predisposition to various conditions"

You only receive information about conditions for which knowing something about your personal predisposition is useful, from the point of view of prevention. For example, because you can do something yourself to prevent these diseases by making changes to your lifestyle or by being alert in terms of early detection.

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Lifestyle priorities

"Take control of your health"

Does it appear that you have a genetic predisposition to a certain condition? If so, you will receive targeted information relating to prevention. You will see immediately where you can achieve the greatest benefits, enabling you to prioritise easily.

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"Fun and handy to know"

Your (hyper)sensitivity to caffeine or alcohol. Possible predisposition to lactose intolerance. Chance of red hair. Fun facts about yourself.

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Drug sensitivity

"The right drugs in the right dose more quickly"

A doctor or pharmacist can use this pharmacogenetic information to determine which drug suits you best, and therefore arrive at the correct dose more quickly, meaning that medication errors and unnecessary side effects can be prevented.

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Pharmacological profile

"Information on your enzyme activity"

Extensive information about your enzyme activity in the form of a pharmacogenetic profile, which you can share easily with your doctor or pharmacist.

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From time to time you will receive messages drawing your attention to advice that is relevant for you.

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