Stimulating your brain

Keep your brain healthy by stimulating it in various ways. Memory training can help to keep your brain in condition. There are many ways to stimulate your brain, such as learning new things, reading books or magazines, doing puzzles, playing games, exercising, playing a musical instrument, socialising and keeping in touch with people. Instead of focusing on just one activity, get involved in (and combine) a variety of activities to keep your brain stimulated.

Brain training and your health

There are a number of health effects associated with stimulating your brain.

Brain training reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s

A low level of mental activity is a risk factor for Alzheimer’s. Even people who have already been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can still benefit from actively training their brain.

By keeping your brain active, it is possible to limit cognitive decline in the long term. Make sure you give your brain sufficient stimuli, including social stimuli.

iGene Passport

iGene offers you an insight into your personal risks of developing conditions and tells you whether stimulating your brain may be particularly important for you to help prevent certain conditions. In addition, an iGene Passport provides you with information on what else you can do to reduce any risks. Here we focus on behaviour that will help you maximise the benefits to your health. In the publication below you can read more about what iGene can do for you.